Package includes Two (2) QuickLoad(TM) StripLoader(TM)  SL018-357-5  For 38 Special/357 Magnum 5-shot revolvers.  Fits Ruger(TM), S&W(TM), Taurus(TM), Rossi(TM), Charter Arms(TM), and others.  Designed to be mated with QuickCase(TM) SQC20-357-5.  (Gun and ammo are not included)

QuickLoad 38 Spl/357 Mag StripLoaders are a new Patent Pending hybrid between standard strip-type speedloaders and round-type speedloaders. They are 33% faster than standard strip-type speedloaders to use on both 5-shot and 6-shot revolvers, have an improved cartridge retention system that makes them easier to load without fear of cartridge strip-off, are more ergonomic and "pocketable" than comparable round speedloaders, and have a simple one-piece design with no knobs to twist.  QuickLoad StripLoaders mate with QuickLoad QuickCases to create a compact, comfortable, protective, and accessable carry system for pocket or purse.  StripLoaders also fit a size 1 speed strip belt pouch and a standard round belt pouch.

QuickLoad QuickCases are Patent Pending and designed for StripLoader speedloaders.

There are 2 models of strip-type QuickCases to fit the two QuickLoad 38 Spl/357 Mag StripLoaders.  These QuickCases take a flat format strip speedloader and turn it into a truly pocket or purse ready backup accessory.  

All SQC model QuickCases are semi-transparent to view the status of the loaded cartridges inside, are a simple one-piece design, protect cartridges from keys, change and debris, prevent cartridges from being inadvertently stripped-off the speedloader, keep the loads quiet from clinking or clanking against other items, and allow quick access when reloads are needed.  


Please view the product video at YouTube/QuickLoad Revolver Speedloader StripLoader or scroll down to the imbedded video below.  

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