• A 12 gauge pump shotgun is considered to be the best gun for home defense
  • Remington 870 is the most reliable 12 gauge shotgun

  • A bullpup design (trigger forward of the breech) makes any long gun more maneuverable in tight spaces

  • Converting your Remington 870 into a bullpup makes it into the best home defense gun you can have

  • This kit requires no gunsmithing and no alterations to your gun

  • Assembly* takes (1) hour with the handtools provided and is completely reversible
  • Picatinny rails on top, bottom and sides allow mounting of optics, sights, lasers, lights, and other accessories
  • Included sling mounts allow for left side, right side, single-point or two-point slings
  • AR-15 style grip and safety
  • Glock style split trigger
  • Kit works with 2.75" and 3" receivers only. No 3.5" receivers
  • Kit works with 18.5", beadsighted barrels and (2) round magazine extensions
  • Capacity is 6+1 of 2.75" shells (with (2) round extension)

*Tools required to disassemble the furniture from your shotgun are

  1. Forend Wrench (sold separately)
  2. Straight blade screwdriver


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5.00 LBS
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Shipping Cost:
$28.40 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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